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Trademark in Vietnam


Please kindly provide Tran & Tran with following information

  1. Name, address and nationality of the applicant
  2. List of goods and/or services bearing the trademark classified in accordance with the International Classification of Goods and Services;
  3. Descriptions of the trademark including its meaning, colors claimed, translation or transliteration of characters of the trademark into English if the mark contains foreign characters
  4. If you claim for priority, please kindly provide details of application number, filing date and country where such earlier application was filed.

Please kindly help fulfill following documents for filing process

  1. A Power of Attorney (see our template in MS Word or PDF)
  2. A Certified copy of the priority document(s) and the English translation thereof in case of priority application.
  3. Five specimens of the mark (the size of each specimen is not smaller than 15mm x 15mm and not larger than 80mm x 80mm);

Upon initial filing, copy of Power of Attorney and priority documents can be accepted provided that the original documents to be supplemented and fulfilled not later than 30 days from the filing date

Please kindly be reminded that

  1. A trademark application can cover more than one class
  2. It takes 12 months from the filing date for a trademark to be granted, in which 01 month is for formality examination, 02 months are for publication of the application and 09 months are for substantive examination
  3. The validity term of a Trademark Registration Certificate is 10 years from the  filing date and can be renewed for indefinitely consecutive periods of 10 years
  4. If a Trademark is not used for five consecutive years without any valid reason, a Trademark Registration Certificate may be suspended by a request made by any third party.