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Industrial Design in Vietnam


Please kindly provide Tran & Tran with following information

  1. Name, address and nationality of the applicant
  2. Name, address and nationality of the designer
  3. Title of the design stating the article for which registration is sought
  4. International classification code under the Locarno Agreement
  5. Country, application number and filing date of the earlier application from which priority is claimed in case of priority application.

Please kindly help fulfill following documents for filing process

  1. Power of Attorney (see our template of MS Word or PDF)
    The original Power of Attorney will be needed not later than 01 month from the date of filing Vietnamese version. For non-PCT applications, if original Power of Attorney is not available at the filing time, the fee for late submitting the document will be charged by Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP).
  2. Five sets of drawings or photographs including views from perspective, top, bottom, front, back, right, left to illustrate the design. The drawings/photographs should be made in the same scale and not exceed the international size A4
  3. Brief design description in English showing the distinctive features of the design
  4. Certified copy of the priority document in case of applications claiming priority under Paris Convention. This document  can be fulfilled not later than 01 month from the filing date.

Please kindly be reminded that

  1. Deed of Assignment (see our template in MS Word or PDF) and the Vietnamese translation of the priority document may be required by the Vietnamese Industrial Design Office case by case.
  2. The validity term of a Design Patent is 05 years from the filing date. It comes into effect from the granting date and can be renewed for two additional consecutive periods of 05 years each
  3. You can file different variants of a design in a single application or separate applications. If you file different applications, you must explain that the design is one variant of the previously filed design. All variants of a design are granted only in one Design Patent
  4. It takes 10 months from the filing date for the design to be granted, of which 01 month is for formality examination, 02 months is for publication and 07 months is for substantive examination.